3X Your Cold Email Signups: Hyper-Personalization Re-Marketing Growth Hack

For years, email marketing has been an unrivaled king of the B2B sales enablement. It was used by the B2B marketers for lead generation and customer engagement.

But this was before the introduction of some social media platforms that changed the way we connect and build business relationships. One such platform is LinkedIn which has become the ideal source of prospecting and lead generation.

But can email marketing and LinkedIn outreach go hand-in-hand?

In this guide, we will teach you how to find the right prospects, their data (especially email addresses) and how to target them with highly personalized content.

1. Create an email list of the prospect

If you want to get more cold email signups from the right people, your first step should be collecting prospects’ data. You can find it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. but LinkedIn is the best platform for that.

Currently, more than 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to find out their ideal prospects on this platform. They are using the latest LinkedIn automation tools to find relevant people and collect useful data about them.

By using the best LinkedIn automation tools, you can collect email addresses and create a file for them.

The key to getting more email signups is to add more and more personalization and that’s only possible when collecting maximum prospects’ data.

Once you have collected the email addresses of the prospects, the next step is crafting personalized text.

2. Add personalization to your emails

There are different personalization techniques that you can use to create pretty awesome hyper personalized cold emails.

Adding customized image/GIFs

Adding custom images and GIFs to an email is the latest method grabbing the attention of your ideal prospects. There are a number of marketing tools that you can integrate with your email marketing tool to create personalized images/GIFs for your prospects.

Many marketers are already using this technique and it has really helped them in their cold email signups as more prospects get impressed by their customized avatars.

These tools detect avatars of the prospects or other details of recipients such as name, logo, etc., and then add them into a custom template image.

This hyper personalization growth hack drives us massive engagement and many other users who have been using techniques have acknowledged getting 3x more responses and signups of their products.

But that’s not it.

There are other personalization growth hacks that you can use to drive maximum engagement.

Adding personalization tags

A lot of beginners fail to attract the attention of their prospects because they think personalization is all about adding a first or last name in a ready-made message/email body.

However, modern-day prospects don’t get impressed by such techniques. They want you to put some extra effort into connecting with them. They have a lot of brands around them to listen to. If you really want to stand out, you need to go the extra mile.

One way to do that is by adding personalization tags to your email. Personalization tags include first and last name, industry type, job title, location, etc.

When you add such information in the email text, people are more likely to respond to you and trust you.

What are some benefits of using personalization?

According to marketing surveys, more than 80% of the B2B marketers have shifted from traditional methods to hyper personalization strategies to get more engagement.

1. It’s a different approach

Common users get hundreds of emails every day. They all just contain more or less similar content that fails to grab their attention. However, if you use hyper personalization in your email outreach, more prospects will respond to you. It’s because very few people use such practices and add personalized details. Whoever uses it gets amazing results.

Thus, if you’re still ignoring it, you’re making a very expensive mistake.

2. It stands out among your competitors

When you use personalized details, it helps you stand out from your competitors in the market. With such practices, you can even steal your competitors’ audience.

3. Word of Mouth Always Works

This technique helps you to look more trustworthy to your prospects. As you send personalized emails, either manually or automatically, they look very authentic and super personalized.


If you want to maximize your engagement and 3x your cold email signups, it’s time you start using these hyper personalized growth hacks.

These are the great personalization hacks that most of the successful B2B marketers are using right and these can also propel you towards your business growth.

When done right, you will definitely enjoy a better audience response and a better conversion rate. Thus, if you haven’t thought about hyper personalization yet, start using these growth hacks to make your email outreach campaigns successful.

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Hi, I am James Stone. I am an affectionate content marketer and love to write on technology, marketing automation & lead generation.

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James Stone

James Stone

Hi, I am James Stone. I am an affectionate content marketer and love to write on technology, marketing automation & lead generation.

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