5 key Steps to Prepare Before Launching a Successful LinkedIn Automated Campaign In 2021

James Stone
3 min readJun 14, 2021


When it comes to generating leads, no other platform is more powerful and effective than LinkedIn. Reaching out to the prospects through outreach campaigns to build networks and generating leads can be very effective only when you do it the right way. And when you throw advanced LinkedIn automation into the process, it becomes convenient, quickest, and more rewarding.

If you’re doing automated outreach campaigns using the best LinkedIn automation, take a step back and think about the whole process if you want to get good outcomes.

Here are 5 essential steps that you need to follow:

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile First

The first impression is everything — hands down!

When you use LinkedIn automation to run an outreach campaign, hundreds and thousands of people will be looking back at your profile. If it is not attractive enough or they don’t see anything interesting or relevant on your profile, they’ll reject you right away.

An ideal optimized LinkedIn profile should have the following elements:

A professional profile picture and background banner.

A well-written headline using formula  Your work position + What can you do for your prospects

A relevant summary that includes specific details about you and your work

Skills and endorsements

2. Targeting the right audience

The audience you target can make or break your automated LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Targeting a random and irrelevant audience is just a waste of time. It will bring you zero acceptance and response rate.

Moreover, when you send messages to the wrong people, they often flag your account as spam.

To avoid this, it’s better to define your audience first.

The best LinkedIn automation tools not only run campaigns but also have filters to extract out the right profiles.

With the help of the top LinkedIn automation tools, you can run successful campaigns that bring actual leads.

3. Selecting the right LinkedIn automation tool

The success of your LinkedIn campaign definitely depends on using the right LinkedIn automation tools.

When you search in the market, you’ll see that most LinkedIn automation tools are chrome extensions. However, they are less safe.

They don’t provide dedicated IPs so there are high chances of account detection.

They don’t work 24/7 and turn off as soon as you close your computer.

You have to log in to your LinkedIn account every time you have to respond to someone.

But don’t worry! Cloud based LinkedIn automation tools are here to rescue.

These tools run from the cloud, run 24/7, and provide dedicated IPs which keep your login details secure. Tools like LinkedCamp run safe campaigns as they mimic human behavior.

4. Scrape and Target LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to find and target the right audience. You can also retarget the audience by using LinkedIn automation tools that allow you to target a post and scrape details of profiles that have liked or commented on it.

The benefit of joining LinkedIn groups is that you can find and interact with the industry-specific audiences in one place.

Moreover, if you want to retarget people, you use the best LinkedIn automation tools, copy/paste the URL you want to attract data from. These tools will run campaigns for a specific group of people.

5. Use Dynamic Personalization

The more personalized your campaign is, the more likely you are going to get leads.

It’s because prospects like it when they see you have put effort into connecting with them. Thus, it’s a tried and tested formula to use personalization and include details about your prospects. Tell them how you can solve their problems.

There are the best LinkedIn automation tools that have dynamic personalization features and let users send customized images and GIFs in their messages.

Running a successful outreach campaign depends on some essential elements mentioned above. Use these tactics and you will generate more leads than ever.



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