Best Practices to Write Perfect LinkedIn Messages to Instantly Boost Your Response Rate

Are you looking for ways to level up the messaging games on LinkedIn? Do you use the LinkedIn automation tool to send messages or do it manually? In either case, you must know the right practices to get outcomes.

When it comes to finding prospects and generating leads, LinkedIn is the go-to platform. But you can only generate leads when you know how to approach your prospects in the right manner.

Remember: Trying to win leads on LinkedIn with cold outreach doesn’t give ideal outcomes.

If you really want to grow your business on this platform, you need to start with your messaging practices. Whether you use an advanced LinkedIn automation tool to run a messaging game or do it manually. You should know that personalization is the key.

When you personalize your approach, your response rate can grow up to 70%.

Why do people fail to run a successful messaging game?

When connecting and sending messages to prospects, people pay attention to personalization the least.

Many businesses and B2B marketers use LinkedIn automation tools to send hundreds of messages daily but fail to get any outcomes. Why?

It’s because they rely on the same old templated and default messages which prospects reject right away. They want something that has been specifically crafted for them, that includes details about their interests, etc.

Remember: Prospects respond when they see you have walked an extra mile for them.

For that, you need to use a LinkedIn automation tool that has a personalization feature and sends personalized and relevant messages to the right people at the right time.

In this blog, we all share some tried and tested approaches to help you get an idea about how to write the most effective LinkedIn messages.

You can’t send the same message to hundreds of prospects. There are millions of prospects on LinkedIn who belong to different industries or companies and have different interests. If you want to collect important data about them, you can use the latest LinkedIn automation tools and use that information in your messages.

Useful Approaches to Write perfect LinkedIn Messages

1. Prospects in a Particular Group

If you want to use a LinkedIn automation tool to run a campaign for prospects in a group, you can set a message like this:

Hello! {{first name}}, I see we are the members of the (name of the Linked group) and share common interests. Let’s connect and share our ideas!

2. People who have interacted with a Post

Hi {{first name}}, came across your comment on the {{post}} post which was posted by me! As a growth marketer, I can help you grow your business. Let’s connect and discuss.

3. Connecting with Industry Leaders

Hi {{first name}}, I see you’re a popular name in the {{industry name}} I would love to hear from you and take your advice on how to be successful in this industry. Let’s connect.

4. Connect with a mutual connection

Hey {{first name}}, I noticed that we have a number of mutual connections. We both work in the (name of the industry) at the same rank. Let’s connect and explore opportunities together.

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