What Tools Growth Hackers Use In 2021? A Useful List

Are you a B2B marketer? Have you ever found yourself stuck with a low number of connections, clicks, and traffic? If so, you’re lacking in growth hacking.

A growth hacker is one who is responsible for greater traffic, connections, messages, click, and ultimately more sales by using creative tactics, strategies, and specific tools.

If we talk about B2B growth hacking, we see LinkedIn as the top favorite platform among growth hackers. They have been using different techniques, methods, and some best LinkedIn automation tools to go the extra mile.

Why are growth hackers using LinkedIn automation tools?

A growth hacker is someone who always uses creative and innovative ways to get things done in an efficient manner. With the help of the latest LinkedIn automation tools, they have been able to generate more traffic. They are using these tools with strategies that most people don’t even know.

In this article, we will cover some of the best LinkedIn automation tools that growth hackers are using to increase their B2B traffic and leads.

1. LinkedCamp

Networking and making the right connections is something that’s really important for B2B marketers. Among many platforms, LinkedIn comes on the top when it comes to networking, making connections, generating traffic and leads. This LinkedIn automation tool, LinkedCamp, is very useful for finding and connecting with the ideal prospects on LinkedIn.

The advanced LinkedIn automation tools have advanced filters and Boolean operators to improve your searching results and runs highly personalized campaigns for the targeted audience.

The tool enables you to schedule your campaigns and messages and doesn’t even require you to monitor them all the time. Thus, you can save time, perform core activities easily.

2. Crystal Knows

For B2B marketers who want to run successful campaigns on LinkedIn, understanding your target audience is the foremost thing.

Crystal is a LinkedIn automation tool that collects information about people on different social media platforms including LinkedIn. The benefit of using Crystal is that it helps you get closer to your audience and get maximum insights about them.

Once you have enough information about them, you can run highly personalized campaigns using any other LinkedIn automation tool.

3. Calndely.com

If you have a complex business, B2B companies want to know you and your business before becoming your customer.

For that, you need to schedule your meetings with many prospects which can be very hectic and time-consuming, to be honest. So, what this tool does is that it takes your burden of scheduling meetings and simply sends you a notification when a prospect is interested in talking to you. You can share a calendar of your free spaces with them.

4. Discover.ly

This is also the best LinkedIn automation tool for growth hackers who want to collect maximum data about their prospects.

Using this LinkedIn automation tool, you can find profiles of your ideal prospects not only on LinkedIn but also on Facebook and Twitter.

This is basically a chrome extension and when you find a prospect, the tool will show you their profile links on Facebook and Twitter as well. This way, you can learn a lot about your ideal prospects.

5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a great automation tool that works great for different social media platforms. This tool comes with tons of features such as calendar management, client management, social media post scheduling, and many others.

You can also use it as a LinkedIn automation tool because it works for all types of platforms. Using this tool, you can run and monitor your social media campaigns, collect data and metrics about the performance analyses of which strategies work better for your campaign.


A growth hacker’s primary concern is to find the relevant prospects. From finding relevant prospects to segmenting leads, messaging, and scheduling calls, all the activities fall in the category of growth hacking. Growth hackers are performing all tasks successfully with the help of the latest LinkedIn automation tools.

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Hi, I am James Stone. I am an affectionate content marketer and love to write on technology, marketing automation & lead generation.

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James Stone

James Stone

Hi, I am James Stone. I am an affectionate content marketer and love to write on technology, marketing automation & lead generation.

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