Your LinkedIn Outreach Campaign is Failing Again & Again: Here are 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here is a fact: LinkedIn automation tools are trending in the B2B market. A great number of B2B marketers and salespeople are using these tools to transform their lead generation funnel and it has really brought them amazing results.

But there’s another fact: A lot of people are complaining that the latest LinkedIn automation tools are getting their accounts blocked. This happens when people use tools to abuse the platform and create spam. And this is the most common reason why your campaigns fail.

How does Spamming occur?

Overactivity on LinkedIn leads to spamming. No doubt that advanced LinkedIn automation tools take a lot of work off your plate but that doesn’t mean you start overdoing things.

Not even the top LinkedIn automation tools can guarantee you success if you cross the line. Spamming occurs when people run an outreach campaign without any filtration or limitation. They use tools to send thousands of connection requests and messages to random people who are not relevant.

As a result, your acceptance and response rate are very low. LinkedIn keeps a check on your pending invites and if it is too high, there are chances that it will block you. Moreover, if you send the wrong messages to the wrong person, they will also flag your account as spam.

LinkedIn has a very smart algorithm, and it can easily detect such activities. It often cracks down on spammers, thus you must stay careful if you don’t want to lose your account.

How do people create spam with LinkedIn automation tools?

Most of the time, users spam by sending bulk templated messages. A successful LinkedIn campaign means connecting with the right people and sending the right messages at the right time.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid if you want to run a successful LinkedIn automation campaign:

1. Don’t send default invite notes

So, you have a perfectly optimized profile, you are using the best LinkedIn automation tool, you have set up all the campaign sequences and still, it’s not generating results? What could be the reason? Your templated connect notes messages

‘Hi, I would like to connect with you.’ Honestly, no one likes such boring old, templated notes.

People show interest when you include some personal details about them. Try to address the name, add something about their industry profession. There are some advanced LinkedIn automation tools that come with CSV file features that change the variable in each message automatically.

2. Asking for recommendations directly

When someone accepts your connection request, your next step should be engaging with them in meaningful conversations.

Many people ask for recommendations right away which leaves a negative impact. Your prospects would reject you thinking you are someone who is striving to get fake recommendations.

3. Don’t send ‘I got a notification that you viewed my profile

When you use LinkedIn automation tools to visit profiles, many of them visit you back. It’s a good sign when you get a lot of visitors on your profile. Instead of saying ‘I got a notification that you viewed my profile’ ask them if they have the same interests as you or if you could help them in solving their business problems.

4. Don’t send sales pitches in the first go

This is the most common practice that causes spam on LinkedIn. People ruin their LinkedIn automation campaigns by sending sales-y and templated messages in their very first interaction.

This way, prospects think that your brand doesn’t have any quality and you’re desperately trying to sell it in inboxes.


People often blame LinkedIn automation tools for creating spam and getting their accounts blocked. However, the truth is that it’s not the tool but the approach and method that causes spam. Start small, go in with a strategy, use the right LinkedIn automation tools and you will get amazing results soon.




Hi, I am James Stone. I am an affectionate content marketer and love to write on technology, marketing automation & lead generation.

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James Stone

James Stone

Hi, I am James Stone. I am an affectionate content marketer and love to write on technology, marketing automation & lead generation.

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